Saturday 29 December 2018

Barcelona Again. Three day Stop over. France to Barcelona by Rail.


So Barcelona, we head here by rail from France, Dieppe. Fun, fun, fun and some more. High speed across France, one change early on and not to fast that you get to enjoy the beautiful countryside of France which Is mostly farmed but still, It Is still beautiful and what a way to see it and meet others along the way on there journey be it for a holiday, work or the travelling kind like us.
    What a life we have Is normally the topic of conversation with others which Is always nice and drives me forward as a parent and a friend to my son's. Forgive me but I don't really keep or log all the information, I get busy parenting and speaking with others but I can recall this journey one way Is about £150 and I think it's well worth that for the ride. Each to there own. 
    So three hours into the five hour journey we are all restless. I never said travelling with children was easy, far from it. There's only so much learning and colouring you can do before the phone's are out. There I said it! Sometimes those phones come In very handy. Few more hours In and we are In Barcelona Sants Station and luck Is on my side It's dry and warm. Expect armed guys here inside and out. So with our rucksacks, tent & tarp on our backs ready for the off we google map the nearest camp away from the chaos of the city and jump on the bus and stumble across the camp site right behind a bus stop on the main road out from Barcelona towards airport I think? Right now the write up on the reviews that the beach Is one minutes walk from camp entrance Is looking doubtful? So we are all booked In for three nights basic camping with our own tent for 60 euro. Expensive but hey It's everything you need, not far from Barcelona main city and close to all transport links and the beach really Is a fast minutes walk through camp.

What a place, not at all what we are used to. Packed with motohome after motohome and people everywhere. Lucky for us a small section of this camp out of the way Is for us backpackers. A nice spot under some palm tree's In the shade. Great!! Three nights was enough here and we were ready to move on to one of our loves of life. Ibiza. This journey will again be by ferry. Barcelona to Ibiza. Which at some point will be blogged.
The beach at Camping 3 Estrellas.

Really was a nice beach.
Run Wild and Free love us Supertramps. This blog was witten up In my rough book at a table on a camp In Tangier with a coffee praying for sunshine and then put on the online blog some time later In a appartment In Morocco, Agadir. 
Life Is awesome!!!!

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