Thursday 17 January 2019

The Love For The Island Of Ibiza!

 The morning has come In Barcelona to pack down the set-up and head for Barcelona Port and the weather Is on our side, It's sunny, dry and the winds are light. Great thing about this ferry trip Is for 150 euro we can go as foot passengers late evening and arrive early morning In Ibiza which gives us a relaxed pack down day.
     The evening was perfect. We set sail at 19:00 and the skies were clear and we sailed under the sunset as the beautiful picture of my son shows as he looks out on open ocean with lake like water. It really was perfect.
     With the sunset now out of view, we headed In and found a nice place to lay our sleeping bags for the evening crossing to Ibiza. Yes you don't have to take the seat they give you or pay for a bunk you can sleep around the ferry In a sensible place and enjoy a drink from the bar "expensive".
     05:00 and we are docked In Ibiza old town. Early yes, but I like this. No rushing and no tourists to be seen anywhere. Ha! I'm a traveller Ha! So outside the por Is a 10 euro bus to town where we would find a 20 euro taxi to camp Cala Nova and look for a pitch. Thing's get a little expensive here, but It Is Ibiza and I love the Ibiza.
     Keep up with me for Information, advice whatever as we enjoy Cala Nova Ibiza Camping.

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