Thursday 24 May 2018

Tourist today. Sealife kind of attraction.

Dieppe. Very small but interesting place. Children can learn alot about the enviroment 😎😎

How cute is the baby ray 😍😍

Brothers catching tea again.

Nice lake trout lads 😎😎

Day in nature 😁

I love this picture 😁

Climbed up to the Castle in the mist.

No view but still beautiful and spooky 😎

We went in search of things all rocky 😎

France fun. Learning about rocks from Coban as he has done alot of research on them 😁

Misty morning walk 😎

The eldest enjoying early mornings 😁

Boys caught, prepared and cooked there tea.

Very nice it was too 😎😎

So the boys found a Grass Snake.

There I was fishing in the sunshine and suddenly screams of "Dad quick snake" 😂😂

Yeah yeah..........