Friday 28 December 2018

And Back To France ( New Haven U.K To France, Dieppe )

This Is one of our most enjoyable journey's we do, and have done many times from the U.K.
    O.K so It's about £80-£100 for a train ticket. Even with a family & friends railcard from our last location In Pembrokshire U.k to New Haven U.K to catch the Ferry over to France, Dieppe. A two minute walk from New Haven Harbour train station and your at the port. So £30-£40 get's me and the boy's on the ferry as foot passengers only with a  reserved seat each for the five hour journey which leaves at 23:00 getting us docked about 05:00 France time. Plenty of time to have a coffee and make our way to our sleepy location, Camping 2 Rivers ( my version of it's name) Camping Des 2 Rivieres.
    It's lovely, it's run by a lovely French couple who now are used to us mad bunch coming from time to time. We get the odd lift into town, port and the boy's get free sweets from them. We were even offered a onsite bungalow for one night when thunderstorms hit hard but we stayed put it our 3 man tent and suffered the battering (we love camping) they really are lovely people. It's basic but has everything we need as a tent set-up for a few weeks at a time and a massive plus is the fishing lake on-site and two rivers that run through the camp and are all welcomed to be fished. I've had my fair share of fish from there including trout(you can eat your catch it's perfect), carp (upto 35lb I believe), pike, bream, perch etc.

                                              Yeah my son pulled In this Commom Carp

We spent another two weeks here fishing everyday and night with time out to enjoy French seafood down at Dieppe Port, the local Castle which Is a amazing view point once your up top on a clear day. Be sure to venture to the Castle on Thursday/Saturday and enjoy the smallest of village market 10-15 minute walk from camp they have on. The walk In from camp Is beautiful. A rarely used railway on oneside (we walked on the tracks) and on the other two beautiful fishing lakes and not forgetting the abandoned swimming centre which Is a must. Climb the fence and go through a open window, it's a odd feeling once your In and you can almost feel and hear the enjoyment once had here as you look at the used floats and play balls left behind and the locker doors still numbered but unused. It's awesome.

From here we head to Barcelona again for a short stop over before Ibiza so I'll catch up again.

Run Wild & Free. Much love from us Supertramps.

                                                     The Swimming Centre


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