Friday 19 April 2019

New Friends. Friends In Agadir. Worldschooling/Worldschooling-Singles.

Pizza Hut Agadir With The whole Gang.
Aliyah, Achraf,Eliana,Cael,Jazlin
Brahim, Kelly
Me,Coban & Jacy.

I've been a group member of the facebook groups Worldschooling & Worldschooling-Singles and It's fair to say I may be the only Dad on there travelling with his children. Whats great Is you get speaking to like minded people on the groups who are full of Information on worldschooling be it finance, working while travelling, education for children while travelling, workaway programmes and just a all round positive vibe. Myself and others say If our paths cross or we are close we will have to meet up which sounds great and It Is but you don't often think you will meet up as plans change with me and others, It comes with the worldschooling & travelling life style. Well sometimes It does happen and we make great friendships.
Jacy & Cael Art & Craft 

                  The guys hanging out! Coban, Cael, Jacy

Great friendships are now made, different cultures have come together, a different way of life Is experienced by all and most of all a love of travel In many different forms.
     So I'm doing this blog post about friends I met on the worldschooling groups from America and who we met up with In Morocco on more than one occassion. A mum worldschooling with her three children across the world, says It all really. You have to be a certain person to be on a journey like this and I wanted to know all about her journey so far and her future plans and make a friendship both as adults, parents and let our ever so different children bond. 3+2=5 children and a whole load of chaos mainly coming from my two rebels. But the whole situation how we come together In Morocco Is totally amazing.

The Youngest Of The Gang "Miss Jazlin Zantos Girl" As I Like To Call Her!! Great Character!!

Anyway we stayed together In Agadir for a few weeks In a appartment out the main tourist area and It was great to have some adult company. The boys had something different to do other than be with me and new friends to chat to. We cooked together, we were cooked for, had some great laughs, played games and even managed a few trips out to the beach, restaurant, and a chance to play and learn with other Moroccan children which was a highlight of mine and very greatful to my new friends for sorting this and many nights In with a movie or two.

Some Pictures Of A Afternoon With Some Moroccan Children. Learn/Play.

Meeting this family also opend up meeting others for me Including making more new friends from America and Morocco due to the fact I believe Aliyah Is much more open and outgoing than me to meet new people, sometimes I shy away so It has been great for me, a little push If you will.
                                                    We spent days here. Agadir beach.

After Agadir and all the things we did me and the boys headed off for a month to The Gambia and on our return we met up again. This time In a new location. Taghazout,Morocco. And again enjoyed some laughs and chatted about what we had been up to. We are both currently In Taghazout and have a place each here so we still catch up and the children play together In the Taghazout Square. Has been great to meet up with Kelly and Brahim again as well. American/Moroccan couple who live close to us here In Taghazout. These guys are great, good energy and awesome round the children. Again days spent at the beach, Pizza Hut(1st picture) and time chilling and talking plus they have awesome news, there's a baby on the way so I guess I'll be back to Morocco to meet him/her. And Asraf the new guy In Aliyah's life, cool Moroccan and others I've met through my new friends.

So here Is to new friends, Its been and still Is amazing and I'm sure we will all be together In the near future some place In the world.

Run Wild And Free!!
                                                    Brahim & Jacy.
                                                    Pool Night.
                                                    Cael & Coban Bonding. HAHA!!

Thursday 18 April 2019

CTM Coaches Getting Around Morocco. The Agadir To Zagora Journey Is Out Of This World.

Picture edited by Coban my eldest son. Letting all know we are heading to The Gambia very soon.

These coaches are super clean, reliable and great valur for money for the distance travelled and the places they can reach In Morocco. No WI-FI onboard but some of the main and bigger CTM stations have WI-FI. On the long journeys there are many stops and a main stop of 45 minutes to eat a Moroccan tagine and some mint tea. Plenty of stops also along the way at other small CTM stations to pick more passengers up, which was a great toilet break and strecth your legs. We really enjoyed many of these journeys with CTM. 10/10. If you want to see Morrocco this Is a great way!

Journeys we have done so far with CTM.

Marrakech-Agadir 3hr approx 110DH each approx £8-9 each

Agadir-Zagora 10hr approx 180DH each approx £15 each

Zagora-Agadir 10hr approx 180DH each approx £15 each

Agadir-Layounne-Dakhla 20hr approx 410DH each approx £32-33 each

Dakhla-Layouune-Agadir 20hr approx 410DH each approx £32-33 each

Baggage Is 5DH 40 pence to go under coach and a small hand bag on board Is free.

The Agadir to Zagora journey Is out of this world! If you don't like heights be warned the coach will be heading up, through and over the mountains with some very steep drop offs but it's amazing!!

My next Blog will be about new friends we met and Zagora itself. And out to the Sahara Desert!

Run wild and free supertramps.

Wednesday 17 April 2019

Camping Just Outside Marrakech. Ourika Camp.

This site Is a 30 minute plus depending on traffic bus ride from Jemaa el-fna Square and the busses are busy, so much so the doors would not open at one point due to the people (school children) packed In behind them. All I kept thinking and telling the boy's was soon you'll be In the swimming pool. The Ourika Camp Is set behind tall walls and a secured gate with someone there 24/7. It's set up for the moto home tourist passing buy but for us It was great. For once a level area with electricity and the swimming pool and a small restaurant to grab a coffee. Only thing different than our other places was It wasn't free or that cheap. The guy's looking after the place were great also and very friendly with the lads.

 450DH for the three nights, works out about 156DH a night, £12 a night. Expensive for a tent In Morocco but hey the pool.
    After tent set-up was done nothing really was done for three day's. We went for a small walk each day to the nearest village for supply's, visited a garden centre which was lovely and great to look round, they had a beautiful pond full of koi carp and a terrapin which you could view from the bridge over the pond and so much pottery It was like a maze as we walked through. We also used up one of our days at the very famous Jemaa el-fna Square which I've written about In the blog. The rest of our time was spent swimming, reading and just having a laugh around camp. Lucky for us the pool was ours as no one visited the pool while we were the there and the camp was quiet.

Tuesday 16 April 2019

Marrakech. Jemaa el-fna Square. The Madness.

I went here for the boy's only really but was Interested slightly myself at was It really as amazing as people had said to me before? So we went, I had a open mind and understood I will see thing's I don't agree with but at the same time be amazed because as we travel you have to understand this Is there culture not ours and I want my boy's to see and understand this, so yes we were there and we were going to experience Jemaa el-fna Square and enjoy our time.

    A bus ride from our camp and we were there after twenty minutes. First thought was it's not that busy? This was a place for tourists who were mainly avoiding the guy's sat with there Cobras playing a tune to there twisting movements as soon as you are there In the square. Every step we are shouted at "come In see my shop" constantly approached by men with menu's telling us this Is the best food here, screams from the juice stalls "50dh a drink" everybody want's our custom and this continued for the whole time as we visited many stalls the same. It became exhausting and now we were finally ready for food In a place of our choice if at all possible but before we headed off for a food place and there Is so many the boy's spotted the guy with the chained monkey which I understand Is a common thing here for tourist. It's there culture and I was totally amazed by this. This wild animal so tame jumping up for a picture with all three of us, and I enjoyed the moment but felt slightly sad I was on my way to Africa soon to see wild animals and now we were part of this madness. I kept telling the boy's It's the culture and there world not ours. We agreed It was sad and cruel but were amazed as I handed over 200dh for the experience (£16.00) approx.
     Now even more exhausted and taken back by the whole day we had found a food place. We sat on a long table with many tourists sitting along benches and ordered. Jacy munched through half a chicken & chips, Coban had his usual fish dish and I had a lamb tagine. Food was okay. Agreed with boy's it's time to leave after some four hours. We purchased two wooden cobras and ice cream and headed for the bus station which was in minutes of the square and we was on our way to camp very tired.

Run Wild & Free. Read the up and coming blogs about camping just outside Marrakech.