Friday 26 October 2018

Sacred Space Fountain Hill Summer of 2018

This place came together with a few of us helping out putting the yurt up which I can tell you Is great fun, like a team building exercise but with out the stress just a whole load of smiles, laughter and fun. After It was up the guys, myself included moved on to the next job, and the more creative magical bunch started on the inside, all adding a touch of there own each to it's soon to be charm, peacefulness just craving for individuals to become part of this sacred space at Fountain Hill.
Later In the day I asked, so who will be doing the meditation/yoga? I got a smile from Helen(you have to meet her) and a answer of some woman from workaway. Cool. She's from Australia Australia? Yeah!! Wow I thought, we are In a small village of Pembrokeshire called Hermon and everyone wants a slice of the magic of Fountain Hill.
       One afternoon, I was lay asleep on the grass beside my tent and I woken slightly to, yes the workaway pulling up and setting up camp next to me! Yes I thought, it's all coming together now. Over the next couple of days it came together, people were enjoying the sacred space, a space many individuals had put together. It felt nice just to be a small part of this, like I was responsible for a small input to other peoples happiness. Myself, I don't really do classes, groups or whatever but I did sneak In for some pictures and alone time. I enjoyed a couple of sneaky sessions of meditation/mindfulness just ME! It takes a few minutes and looking up at the clear section of the roof to blue skies and the odd pure white cloud like giant floating cotton wool and experiencing the silence, you were there lost In it's magic, like the whole world was yours In one space.
    Can I keep saying it? It's the magic of Fountain Hill. Ha!! Just did. Fuck It! I love It!

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