Tuesday 2 October 2018

The Travelling Recipe: Chocolate Courgette Cake

The pressure was on, me. It was all for fun but really wanted to follow a traditional Czech Mum's recipe. Yes by the wonderful use of social media Klara from Fountain Hill contacted her Mother In Czech and the Courgette recipe was sent over to us here In Hermon U.K for me to follow and now make with Klara hovering In the background eating the mix as it is put together saying "I can't wait to taste Mum's cake again" again no pressure I thought with a smile thinking I really hope it turns out. Like most of the residence at Fountain Hill Klara has a beautiful presence, somewhat mystical and magical and full of stories, advice and some funny quirks, one being a yearly binge on crab sticks. I know.

    So the recipe was doubled and put together In a bowl with the chocolate topping set aside ready. Yes, courgette and chocolate, a new experience for me. We decided a tray bake so we could make enough and cut into equal amounts for the community and as a little extra I was using the recipe but adding some of my own input to create a lemon drizzle courgette cake, this would be made In a 2lb loaf tin and again for the community.  And now with all the ingredients prepared and spooned into the trays the tin Is was time to create a small steam bath at the bottom of the oven and now bake. At this time it was 1am, I never sleep so this is normal for me to be awake doing something wherever I am. A hour went by and the smell was incredible, 2am Klara Is taking the puppy dog Padfoot out for a wee just as the cake was out and cooled ready to eat just by chance, I think someone was waiting. The verdict was In, wow it taste like Mum's. YES!! Later that day the community enjoyed Klara's Mum's recipe of Chocolate Courgette Cake and my Lemon Drizzle Courgette Cake. It really was amazing.  Even more so the courgettes were picked by me from the garden's poly tunnel.  Community of Fountain Hill's magic strikes again.

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