Tuesday 19 March 2019

Tangier to Marrakech Sleeper Train. Awesome Fun.

The new ONCF station at Tangier, Morocco.

I mean WOW, the sleeper coaches are towards the back of the train and we were soon shown to our coach by a very smart guy who couldn't help us more if he tried, he really was great so my expectations of this journey were now very positive and the boy's were excited and very tired as the train departs 23:00. Lucky for me the boy's convinced me to buy the extra bed In our coach as they wouldn't feel comfortable with sharing and on opening the door it was a great choice. Two sets of bunk beds with very little room for anything else. The extra bed was used for our bags. Soon we were settled Into a room within the coach and I couldn't help but notice our coach and the train itself was falling apart, it was so hot inside the boy's chocolate they had bought was melting, the floors were dirty and the beds were okay but for us this added to our crazy adventure on the sleeper train we had imagined.
      We departed slowly with not much to see from our window as It was dark. With our window open and the noise from the tracks we picked up speed and was on our way to Marrakesh via sleeper train and It was awesome, exciting and a new experience to our life's. Within a hour or two the boy's were asleep and I relaxed with a bottle of cold water supplied by the guy's on the train and a good book.

So excited.

Jacy and his giant rucksack. 
ONCF train station for sleeper train Tangier.

1100DH approx (£110) get's you 4 beds(2 bunks) on a sleeper coach
No plugs
Free water
Coffee/tea for a small price.
Arrives early morning 07:00-10:00