Tuesday 31 July 2018

The Magic of Fountain Hill & Magical Youth.

So, the magic of Fountain Hill community. The boys and me had four days at Fountain Hill Farm at the end of  March to meet the guys here and discuss my role when we return In June for three to four months. I don't think this went to plan over the four days for all the right reasons, we fell In love with the place and the people here and somehow just fitted In and got on with the upkeep of the place, helped with cooking for a community and the growing of food soon to be harvested on my return. You would find It hard not to feel welcomed at Fountain Hill It really is special.
     Let me tell you quick how I came to be here. So Facebook, yeah Facebook again. I seen someone post and comment on a old post needing help, volunteers around a farm called Fountain Hill (just the name had me hooked) for accommodation and meal provided, so a quick Google and the place looked great but I was to late for 2017. So I got in touch told them my plans and I'd love to help. O.k it was a year away and they told me to keep In contact and come up In 2018 for four days to see If It could work. I kept to my word, Fountain Hill kept to there's and here we are I've been back here well over a month and for two of those weeks so far I've been left here to look over land, food growing and harvesting, cats to look after and my favorite tasks of all the pond and the upkeep of the surrounding nature. For example letting nature grow but just keeping a eye and tidying it up so the farm can be productive and not completely took over by nature, Oh and I was asked to over see the tree house building with the seven children here at the time. All boys, I know chaos, but what a brilliant task for me who refuses to grow up. Why was I needed, well the guys here go across the U.K to festivals with there theater act, circus skills, children's area and from what I can see a whole lot more of great stuff which I will see or hear about one day soon.
    So back to the discussion we were meant to have about my role, hours I would do, what boys would do. Yeah we sat outside and had a talk but I'm not here for set hours I piped up , write me a list of things and I will see stuff myself  to do. I was just happy with this opportunity I knew I'd be happy plodding along all day doing stuff on the land, fixing and building stuff, being In the kitchen helping or preparing meals also fitting In being a parent to the lads while they run wild and free.
    There's going to be so many things I can write about our time here. There are so many things I've missed In this short write up but these are mine and my boys personal memories.

Keep up with the blog, I personally think If I keep going with it and more write up's as well as pictures It could be very interesting. The guys are back from the first festival today so let's see what happens next for Fountain Hill. It's magic you know.

Double yolk... Yeah!!!!!!!!
Tree House Construction Site

Helping Dad.

I cut and styled my son's hair.... First time ever!!

Harvesting with the youngest.

New Chicks of 2018

Tom cat proud of his land.

Beautiful colors.

Camp fire with our airbnb guest from Holland. Dorianne. She was lovely.


Tuesday 24 July 2018

And then we came back to Fountain Hill Farm our current position. It's magic here you know :-)

Settling In again with all the guys & animals! Great to be back. Let the fun and work happen :-)

The nine days In North Wales was over so quick. Amazing to be back and North Wales Is beautiful always.

Happy Pictures. North Wales.

Kayaking North Wales.

Lucky for us there's a lake one minute away from tent. Now back in the U.K I was able to go to my friends to pick up my kayaks. Awesome day on lakes and a hill walk.

We arrived back at North Wales with a splash for 9 days camping In Snowdonia. More sunshine.

So France back to the U.K via Ferry. First stop North Wales.

The Ferry. Excited boys. Dieppe to New Haven.
Was no monster but we finally got a pike from a French Lake. Well done boys. Result. Now to find the monster.

This was our tent home, In France, Dieppe. Has everything a boy could dream of and we are soon to be going back. Lakes, fishing, trees, park, nature, climbing just a whole load of outdoor stuff and sunshine. We seen 3 days of rain in two and a half months. I no, shocking. We will be back September.

Thursday 12 July 2018

The boys screamed "DAD SNAKE" Great thing about this they wouldn't touch it until I got there in case it was a adder, Brilliant boys! Adders have been spotted over here in this location of France.
Tent life!! Tea time with a river view. France!!
Food shopping In Dieppe fish market. Great picture!!

Breaking and entering a abandoned  swimming pool In France. This was amazing and very cool. Ha!!!

Typical French ducks, aggressive and arrogant. Great pictures.
Meal for two! Paella and creamy potato. Yummy. France, camping.
Running wild and free on the coast of Dieppe, France.
This catch was amazing! We were some five to six miles up river from the coast camping in the countryside and bang, on our home made stick rod we caught a flat fish(Dab) Yes we have caught these up river before but never this far, really was a great catch. It tasted nice as well!! Well done Coban & Jacy.