Thursday 18 April 2019

CTM Coaches Getting Around Morocco. The Agadir To Zagora Journey Is Out Of This World.

Picture edited by Coban my eldest son. Letting all know we are heading to The Gambia very soon.

These coaches are super clean, reliable and great valur for money for the distance travelled and the places they can reach In Morocco. No WI-FI onboard but some of the main and bigger CTM stations have WI-FI. On the long journeys there are many stops and a main stop of 45 minutes to eat a Moroccan tagine and some mint tea. Plenty of stops also along the way at other small CTM stations to pick more passengers up, which was a great toilet break and strecth your legs. We really enjoyed many of these journeys with CTM. 10/10. If you want to see Morrocco this Is a great way!

Journeys we have done so far with CTM.

Marrakech-Agadir 3hr approx 110DH each approx £8-9 each

Agadir-Zagora 10hr approx 180DH each approx £15 each

Zagora-Agadir 10hr approx 180DH each approx £15 each

Agadir-Layounne-Dakhla 20hr approx 410DH each approx £32-33 each

Dakhla-Layouune-Agadir 20hr approx 410DH each approx £32-33 each

Baggage Is 5DH 40 pence to go under coach and a small hand bag on board Is free.

The Agadir to Zagora journey Is out of this world! If you don't like heights be warned the coach will be heading up, through and over the mountains with some very steep drop offs but it's amazing!!

My next Blog will be about new friends we met and Zagora itself. And out to the Sahara Desert!

Run wild and free supertramps.

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