Friday 15 March 2019

A Journey Not Done Before? Ibiza-Barcelona-Tangier(Tanger), Morocco. The Gateway To Africa.

So we are not new to the first leg of the journey Ibiza-Barcelona. It was a quick ferry over to Barcelona at about 10:00 sailing arriving Barcelona 19:00. I've blogged about this journey but a through the night trip which apart from the daylight Is the same, same boat, same everything. It's the next leg that get's us excited. We are sailing to Morocco, Tangier at 21:00 from Barcelona which I'm still unsure of where it sails from, Barcelona yes, but what part of the port it massive? Adds to my excitement and the boy's questions are coming In fast. Dad where Is the ferry? Will we make It? I'm starving Ha. So with us docked Into Barcelona at 19:00 It's a mad rush for Information? Where Is the Tangier ferry? Security point me In the right direction which leads us to a rushed half hour walk across the port to the Tangier check In and wow. Within a walk through the doors a culture change has taken place In seconds. Suddenly we stand out a million miles from everyone else which Is great and already small Moroccan children have took a interest In the boy's and smiles, laughs and chit/chat starts to happen as I work out where to check In and It just happens to be the longest queue In the building.
     As time go's along It's not long before I realize that this line of Moroccan's Isn't moving to fast and the boy's are seriously fed up and It's drawing closer to departure. All Is fine we checked In with not long to go but hey that didn't matter In the slightest the ferry sailed some three hours late. I'd read somewhere this Is common so was not phased at all but the boy's had different ideas and I'd paid for a bunk room In advance so it was board ferry and off to bed.
     Room was as the same as every other room I'd stayed on, on a ferry with the boys. Two set's of bunk beds with a ladder each (great fun) a shower room and that's it! Couple of life jackets for the three of us, yeah I know what about me Ha? Why I booked the room I'll never know because for one night only I could of been a foot passenger like we normally do, save money and sleep In our bags on the ferry some place? Maybe I was thinking of how long the boy's had been camping for and the camping ahead of us.
     Round about price Barcelona to Tangier for me and boy's Is £150 foot passenger but I paid £260 for room for one night. I must of been flush that day or mad. Big blow to the budget.
     Waking up the next morning realizing after my shower that we were already some 4-5 hours behind the room was a great idea now as we would not be In Tangier until early hours, so we had a place to keep our rucksacks and a place to relax. During the day on board we just relaxed, snacking and enjoyed many walks on the outside of the ferry and up top because again the weather was sunny, dry and a lovely breeze blowing. A big let down for us was the pool on board was empty because to these guy's it was winter so seeing them wrapped up while we baked In the sunshine was great and made me laugh.
     4 am, I think some 5 hours late we docked In a very rough harbour and they ferry was being bounced everywhere while we queued to get off. The only time of the journey I just thought please get me off. So we were off! Now where the f@#k are we? There Is no-one to be seen anywhere?

Catch up on the next part of the madness, as we venture from port into Tangier for our one night In a hotel which we were late for, and how we made it over to our next camping location In Tangier.

     Run Wild & Free!! 

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