Tuesday 24 September 2019

The Gateway To Sahara Desert, Zagora

     We were at last leaving our lovely friends In Agadir and again were aboard another CTM coach but this time up, over and through the Atlas Mountain. Let's just say jaw dropping, amazing and breath taking views all the way. Arriving In Zagora late evening there was one last thing to do and that was to find a hostel for the night. Proved easy as one main road and a few options. Soon enough we had a two bed room with a roof terrace. Basic but a great view of the town. After a relaxing first day we ventured out on the second day looking for a camping location In Zagora. Wow It was so hot but soon enough we had a camping location but as we headed back to the hostel we met up with a Moroccan guy on his motobike down a old dirt road which was the start of a business friendship for him and us then became a friendship. We soon ended up on the third day living In a room with beds, and a lovely working garden surrounded by tall walls which felt super safe. It was about £4 a night and we were even cooked for on occasions and It was lovely. Tagine and Moroccan bread. Soon enough we had adult friends
popping over and the boy's had children to play with complete with donkey. We were now exactly where we wanted to be. Living within the culture, and It was amazing.

We were In no rush and some two weeks had gone by and It was time to use our new friend to help set-up our nomad Sahara dessert adventure. The plan was to live around nomads experince the dessert and for sure ride a camel and surf the dunes. This Is exactly what we ended up doing. Join us for the next blog post. In the Sahara Desert.