Thursday 17 January 2019

The Chilled Side Of Ibiza. Cala Nova Camping!

                                          Rock Fishing Ibiza. Cala Nova.
We arrive here out of season, so for us Is a extra bonus. It's quiet leaving just a few locals that live on camp all season enjoying the last few weeks and packing down also a few late In the year tourists for some winter sun. At 25 euro a night it's expensive, but it's Ibiza! Everything Is at camp you will need for basic camping, Supermarket onsite, showers and In season live bands/DJ'S daily. It so relaxed it's easy to forget the world and a few minutes walk Is the Cala Nova beach! It's just lovely. Windy side of the Island so there's surf to play In for the boy's and on the calm days snorkeling Is a must. Two sections of the small beach Is a nudist area so if not your thing I would not go as you won't escape it, but I'll have to admit I love a naked sunbathe It's refreshing and a swim. Feeling of freedom Is not to miss.

                                          Walking In The Tree's In Ibiza.
                                          Cala Nova. Ibiza! ME!!
                                          Jacy Love's The Island Also.
                                          Rain Storm Tent.
                                          Walking Wild & Free.
                                          New Men. Haircut.
                                          Love's it.
                                          In the Tree's.
                                          Camping Cala Nova.

     Don't be fooled by the sun we had some insane rainy day's which left us In the tent playing cards for hours and hours. There's not much else to do over this side In Ibiza but it passes and we were soon back In the sunshine. Everyday was pretty much the same, beach for hours, swimming, surfboard fun and some rock fishing which was great. Coban and myself caught species of fish we had not caught before so we were buzzing!
A small walk will bring you to Eivissa town where we caught busses to different parts of the Island. 10 euro seems to get you everywhere you want to go, it's great!! Restaurants here Including a English style pub. I had a pint In a old original pint glass. This was a highlight of mine! I know right!!! Loads of shops, fairground rides, nightclub or 2 and  lovely harbour where you can do the whole peddle boat, glass bottom boat all which we had done so this trip over was really for relaxing which we did!
I love Ibiza. The sun shines, it's great for the boy's, the people are so laid back and cool it's refreshing! Nothing not to love.

                                          My Cool Catch Off The Rocks.
Are time here Is short. Two weeks. Before we know it's pack down day and oh my did it rain. It took most of the day stopping and starting between showers trying to dry gear but a great laugh it was. Once packed up we headed off to the closest town again and a 25 euro taxi ride takes us again back to old port Ibiza for a ferry back to Barcelona with a quick change of ferry's as we board to Tangier,Moroco. Yes we are are off to Morocco , Africa. The plan Is unknown, new and very exciting. Where will we end up and just how much of Morocco will we see? Can't wait!!!!

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